Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Original Marilyn Munster on The Munsters Played by Beverley Owen

Born Beverley Ogg on May 13, 1937 in Ottumwa, Iowa, she is most famous for being the original Marilyn Munster on the 1964 television comedy, The Munsters.

Beverley Owen of The Munsters 1964

Beverley began her acting career taking over the role of Linda Elliot in As the World Turns in 1961 co-starring Hal Simms, Murial Williams, Luis Van Rooten, Joan Anderson, Leona Powers, Ethel Remey, Laurence Hugo, John McMartin, Laurie Heineman, Helen Shields, James Broderick, and Teri Keane.  She played the role until 1964.

During her run on As the World Turns, Owen also appeared in Kraft Mystery Theater: Shadow of a Man with Broderick Crawford, Jack Kelly, Ed Begley, John Anderson, and Berkeley Harris (1963); Wagon Train starring (1963); The Virginian starring James Drury, Doug McClure, Lee J. Cobb, and Sara Lane with Ed Begley, Gary Clarke, and Roberta Shore (1964); 

Beverley Owen when she was young

It was in 194 that Beverley landed her first film role in Bullet for a Badman co-starring Audie Murphy, Darren McGavin, Ruta Lee, Alan Hale Jr., Skip Homeier, George Tobias, Edward Platt, and Berkeley Harris.

It was late in 1964 that Beverley starred in her second series role as Marilyn Munster in the television comedy The Munsters
She co-starred with Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster), Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster), Yvonne De Carlo (Lily Munster), Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster).  She played the role for thirteen episodes of the show, then left to get married.  She was replaced by actress Pat Priest.

The cast of The Munsters in 1964Front: Butch Patrick (Eddie) Back:   Yvonne De Carlo (Lily), Al Lewis (Grandpa),  Fred Gwynne (Herman), and Beverly Owen (Marilyn) 

in 1971, Owen returned to acting and her roots landing the role of Dr. Paula McCrea in the television soap opera Another World.  She co-starred with Beverlee McKinsey, Dolph Sweet, Henry Winkler, and Victoria Wyndham.

After Another World, Beverley retired from the screen turned to stage acting.  She moved to upper New York State and acted with the Cambridge Theatre Company in Cambridge New York.


  1. Good for her, sometimes it's best to leave the 'bright lights' behind, especially the way things have changed these days.

  2. BTW, the man she left the Munsters to marry was Jon Stone, one of the original writers/producer/directors of Sesame Street.