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Jill Whelan who played Vicki Stubing on the TV show The Love Boat

Jill Whelan was born September 29, 1966 in Oakland, California.  She is best know for her role as Vickie Stubing, the Captain's daughter, on the TV show The Love Boat.

Jill Whelan who played Vickie Stubing on the TV show The Love Boat

Jill began acting at the age of seven doing TV commercials.  It was in 1979 when she landed the role of Nancy Wilks on the earlier version of the TV show Friends. She co-starred with Charlie Aiken (Pete Richards), Karen Morrow (Pamela Richards), Andy Romano (Frank Richards), Jarrod Johnson (Randy Summerfield), Janet MacLachlan (Jane Summerfield ), and Roger Robinson (Warren Summerfield).  Unfortunately, the show would only last for one season.

Jill Whelan in her younger years

In 1980 Jill landed her first film role in Airplane! co-starring Peter Graves, Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Lloyd Bridges, Leslie Nielsen, Robert Stack, Barbara Billingsley, Frank Ashmore, Jimmie Walker, and James Hong.

Jill would go on to appear in Vega$ starring Robert Urich, Bart Braverman and Phyllis Davis; Matt Houston starring Lee Horsley, Pamela Hensley and Lincoln Kilpatrick; and Fantasy Island starring
Ricardo Montalban, and Hervé Villechaize.

It was in the fall of 1978 that Whelan landed her role as Vicki Stubing and joined the cast of
The Love Boat.  She co-starred with  Gavin MacLeod (Captian Merrill Stubing), Lauren Tewes (Julie McCoy), Bernie Kopell (Doctor Adam Bricker), Fred Grandy ('Gopher' Smith), and Ted Lange (Isaac Washington).  She would play the role nine years until the show ended in 1987.

Jill Whelan (Vicki Stubing) and Gavin MacLeod (Captain Merrill Stubing) of the TV show The Love Boat

During her run on
The Love Boat, Jill would star in two more episodes of Fantasy Island with Ricardo Montalban, and Hervé Villechaize. In a 1979 episode, she would co-star with Scott Baio, Joanna Barnes, Tracey Gold, Keith Coogan, and Ted Lange.  In a 1983 episode, she would co-star with Morgan Brittany, John Beck, Ann Turkel, and Barbara Luna.  Whelan would also appear in Trapper John, M.D. with Pernell Roberts, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Gregory Harrison, and Charles Siebert; Divorce Court starring Marcy Shaffer, Kelly McCracken and Jack Forbes; and CBS Schoolbreak Special: Babies Having Babies co-starring Akosua Busia, Renée Estevez, Claudia Wells, James Marshall, and Lori Loughlin.

Jill Whelan in the later years of the TV show The Love Boat
The Cast of "The Love Boat" in the later days.  Front: Ted Lange (Isaac Washington), Lauren Tewes(Julie McCoy), Jill Whelan (Vicki Stubing), Gavin MacLeod (Captain Stubing), Fred Grandy ("Gopher" Smith), Bernie Kopell (Adam Bricker)
Fred Grandy (Gopher) and Jill Whelan (Vicki Stubing) of the TV show The Love Boat

The Love Boat ended, Jill would go on to appear in The Law and Harry McGraw starring Jerry Orbach and Barbara Babcock (1987); The Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage co-starring Gavin MacLeod, Steve Bond, Tom Bosley, Julia Duffy, Roddy Piper,  Ted Shackelford, Shanna Reed, and Kim Johnston Ulrich (1990).

In 1997 Jill would appear in a Love Boat related episode of Martin with Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Carl Anthony Payne II, Thomas Mikal Ford, Tichina Arnold, and former Love Boat co-stars Bernie Kopell and Ted Lange.  Also that year she would appear in an episode of the daytime soap The Young and the Restless; and Diagnosis Murder starring Dick Van Dyke, Barry Van Dyke, Charlie Schlatter, and Victoria Rowell.

Jill Whelan then

In 1998 Whelan would star in the film Sandman co-starring Steve Susskind, Ann Walker, Elyse LaFontaine, Skye LaFontaine, Jenna Leigh Green, Ted Lange, and Don LaFontaine; Love Boat: The Next Wave starring Robert Urich, Pat Crowley, Zach Galligan, Joan Severance, and Mellara Gold with former
Love Boat co-stars Gavin MacLeod, Lauren Tewes, Bernie Kopell, and Ted Lange.

Also in 1998, Jill would star in what would be her last television appearance in an episode of The New Adventures of Robin Hood starring John Bradley, Barbara Griffin, Richard Ashton, and Martyn Ellis.

Jill would leave the acting scene and become a television producer at KCOP in Los Angeles.

Jill Whelan now

Jill is now teaching acting classes to youngsters.  Whelan also hosts a radio show for WPHT in Philadelphia on Sunday afternoons entitled "The Dirt".  Recently in 2009, she appeared in the short film Looking For co-starring Gina Allegro, Cricket Batz, Renee McCartney, Sharon Gellar, Suzanne H. Smart, and Adam Wahlberg.

Jill Whelan today

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