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Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie played by Alison Arngrim

Alison Arngrim was born January 18, 1962 in New York city.  She is most famous for her portrayal of Nellie Oleson, the arch nemesis of Laura Ingalls in the TV show Little House on the Prairie.

Alison Arngrim as Nellie Oleson from the TV show Little House on the Prairie

Alison made her acting debut at the age of 7 when she appeared in an episode of Room 222 co-starring Lloyd Haynes, Denise Nicholas, Karen Valentine, and Michael Constantine.  She made her film debut in 1974 landing a role in Throw Out the Anchor!  co-starring Richard Egan, Dina Merrill, Edwin Hugh, and Phil Lopp.

It was later in 1974 that Alison would land her signature role as Nelle Oleson in the TV series Little House on the Prairie.  She co-starred in the show with 
Melissa Sue Gilbert (Laura Ingalls),  Michael Landon (Charles Ingalls), Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls), Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls), Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls), Jonathan Gilbert (Willie Oleson),  Victor French (Isaiah Edwards), and Merlin Olsen (Jonathan Garvey).  Although the roles of Nellie Oleson and Laura Ingalls were on-screen rivals, in real life Alison Arngrim (Nellie) and Melissa Gilbert (Laura) were and still are good friends.  Arngrim would play the role for nine years, leaving the show one year before it ended to pursue other roles.

Alison Arngrim as Nellie Oleson from the TV show Little House on the Prairie
Melissa Sue Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) and Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson) from the TV show Little House on the Prairie

During her run on Little House on the Prairie, Arngrim also appeared in Fantasy Island starring
starring Ricardo Montalban, Hervé Villechaize (1981); and The Love Boat starring  Gavin MacLeod, Lauren Tewes, Bernie Kopell, Fred Grandy, Jill Whelan, and Ted Lange (1981).

Steve Tracy (Percival Dalton) and Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson) from the later years of the TV show Little House on the Prairie

After Little House on the Prairie
, Alison starred in the film I Married Wyatt Earp co-starring Marie Osmond, Bruce Boxleitner, John Bennett Perry, Ross Martin, Ron Manning, and Jeffrey DeMunn (1983); Video Valentino co-starring Luana Anders, Judy Balduzzi, Lu Leonard, and William Woff (1986).

Alison Arngrim then

The sexy side of Alison Arngrim. No she didn't wear those "prairie" clothes all the time

It would be fourteen more years before Alison would appear on screen again appearing in the short film For the Love of May co-starring Patricia Neal, Alexandra Paul, RuPaul, Michael Learned, Annie LaRussa, Karle Warren, and Tony Becker (2000).  Two years later she would star in The Last Place on Earth with Tisha Campbell-Martin, Phyllis Diller, Dana Ashbrook, Thom Bierdz, Mitchell Anderson, Matt Farnsworth, Brock Peters, Anita Finlay, Richard Gross, and Billy Dee Williams.

Alison Arngrim after her Little House on the Prairie days
Alison Arngrim circa late 1980s

Another five years would pass before Arngrim appeared in the French film Le Deal in 2007 co-starring Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Jackie Berroyer, Jean-François Stévenin, Sarah Barzyk, and Patricia Barzyk.

Alison Arngrim in 2006
Alison Arngrim in 2007

More recently, Alison starred in Make the Yuletide Gay co-starring Keith Jordan, Adamo Ruggiero, Derek Long, Hallee Hirsh, and Kelly Keaton (2009); and the short film The Bilderberg Club: Meet the Shadow One World Government co-starring Julia Diana Alexander, Chris M. Allport, Josh Covitt, and Vida Ghaffari (2009).

Alison Arngrim in the film Make the Yuletide Gay 2009
Alison Arngrim in 2009

She currently gives personal tours of Hollywood under the name "Nasty Nellie Tours".  She also published an autobiography entitled Confessions of a "Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated".

Alison Arngrim in 2010


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