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Kelly Bundy from the TV show Married with Children played by Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate was born November 25, 1971 in Hollywood, California.  She is most famous for playing the role of Kelly Bundy on the TV sitcom Married with Children. She has also played various roles in film and TV shows over the years including her recent TV series starring as Samantha in Samantha Who?

Christina Applegate who played Kelly Bundy in the TV show Married with Children
Christina Applegate then

Christina began her acting career at believe it or not, 3 months of age.  She appeared in Days of Our Lives co-starring with her mother of course, Nancy Lee Priddy.  She also appeared in TV commercials a few months later. 

In 1981 when she was 7 years old she made her film debut in Jaws of Satan co-starring Fritz Weaver, Gretchen Corbett, Jon Korkes, Norman Lloyd, Bob Hannah, and her mother, Nancy Priddy.  Later that year she would also star in Beatlemania with David Leon, Mitch Weissman, Ralph Castelli, and Tom Teeley (1981).  She would also appear in her first guest role in a TV series that year landing a spot in Father Murphy co-starring Merlin Olsen, Katherine Cannon, Moses Gunn, and Timothy Gibbs.

Christina Applegate in her first film Jaws of Satan 1981

Two years later in 1983, Applegate would go on to star in shows and films such as The Grace Kelly Story co-starring Cheryl Ladd, Lloyd Bridges and Diane Ladd (1983); Charles in Charge starring Scott Baio, Willie Aames, Josie Davis, Nicole Eggert, Alexander Polinsky, and James T. Callahan (2 episodes, 1984-85); Washingtoon starring Thomas Callaway, Barry Corbin and Hilary Thompson (1985); All Is Forgiven starring Bess Armstrong, Terence Knox, Shawnee Smith, and David Alan Grier (1986); 

Christina Applegate in The Grace Kelly Story 1983

It was in the fall of 1986 when Christina would land her first regular spot in a TV show as Robin Kennedy  in the series Heart of the City.  She co-starred with Robert Desiderio (Wes Kennedy), Jonathan Ward (Kevin Kennedy), Kario Salem (Detective Rick Arno),  and Branscombe Richmond (Sergeant Luke Halui).  She played the role for two seasons until the show ended in 1987.

The cast of Heart of the City: Robert Desiderio (Wes Kennedy), Jonathan Ward (Kevin Kennedy), Christina Applegate (Robin Kennedy)

During her run on Heart of the City, Applegate also starred in The New Leave It to Beaver starring Barbara Billingsley, Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers, Kipp Marcus, John Snee, Janice Kent, Ken Osmond, and Kaleena Kiff (2 episodes, 1985-86); Amazing Stories  co-starring Steve Antin, Robert L. Gibson, Robyn Lively, Cheryl McWilliams, and Sharon Spelman (1986); and Silver Spoons starring Rick Schroder, Erin Gray and Joel Higgins (1986).

A month after Heart of the City ended, Christina appeared an episode of Family Ties starring Michael J. Fox, Michael Gross, Meredith Baxter, Justine Bateman, and Brian Bonsall.  She then landed another regular series role as Kelly Bundy in the TV series Married with Children.  She co-starred with Ed O'Neill (Al Bundy), Katey Sagal (Peggy Bundy), David Faustino (Bud Bundy), Amanda Bearse (Marcy D'Arcy), and Ted McGinley (Jefferson D'Arcy).  Christina played the role for the full ten year run of the show until it ended in 1997.  

Christina Applegate who played Kelly Bundy in the TV show Married with Children

Christina Applegate (Kelly Bundy) in the early years of the TV show Married with Children
The cast of Married with Children: left to right: David Faustino (Bud Bundy), Ed O'Neill (Al Bundy), Amanda Bearse (Marcy D'Arcy), Katey Sagal (Peggy Bundy), and Christina Applegate (Kelly Bundy)
Christina Applegate circa mid 1980s

During her run on Married with Children, Christina also starred in movies and shows such as 21 Jump Street starring Johnny Depp, Dustin Nguyen, Holly Robinson Peete, Peter DeLuise, and Holly Robinson Peete (1988); she landed the lead in Dance 'Til Dawn co-starring Tempestt Bledsoe, Brian Bloom, Cliff De Young, Mary Fran, Tracey Gold, Kelsey Grammer, Alyssa Milano, Matthew Perry, Alan Thicke, and Molly Cheek (1988); another lead role in Streets co-starring David Mendenhall, Eb Lottimer, and Alexander Folk (1990).

Christina Applegate in Dance 'Til Dawn 1988

Christina Applegate who played Kelly Bundy in the TV show Married with Children

Christina Applegate (Kelly Bundy) in the later years of the TV show Married with Children

Christina Applegate who played Kelly Bundy in the TV show Married with Children
Christina Applegate circa late 1980s

Christina appeared as her Married with Children character Kelly Bundy in 2 episodes of Top of the Heap co-starring Joseph Bologna, Rita Moreno, Matt LeBlanc, Joey Lauren Adams, Pamela Anderson, Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst, and Leslie Jordan (1991); Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead co-starring Joanna Cassidy, John Getz, Josh Charles, Concetta Tomei, David Duchovny, Jayne Brook, and Danielle Harris (1991); Across the Moon co-starring Elizabeth Peña, Peter Berg, Michael Mundra, Richard Portnow, and Gloria Gifford (1995); Wild Bill co-starring Jeff Bridges, Ellen Barkin, Diane Lane, David Arquette, John Hurt, Keith Carradine, and Bruce Dern (1995); Vibrations co-starring James Marshall, Faye Grant, and Paige Turco (1996); Mars Attacks! co-starring Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Martin Short, Annette Bening, Michael J. Fox, Tom Jones, Rod Steiger, Natalie Portman, Pam Grier, Jack Black, Lisa Marie, Joe Don Baker (1996); Pauly starring Pauly Shore, Charlotte Ross, David Dukes, Amy Hill, and Kevin Weisman (1997); and Nowhere co-starring James Duval, Rachel True, Chiara Mastroianni, Kathleen Robertson, Jordan Ladd, Guillermo Díaz, and Nathan Bexton (1997).

The cast of Married with Children Front: Buck the Dog, David Faustino (Bud Bundy) Center: Ed O'Neill (Al Bundy) Back: Katey Sagal (Peggy Bundy), Ted McGinley (Jefferson D'Arcy), Amanda Bearse (Marcy D'Arcy), and Christina Applegate (Kelly Bundy)
Christina Applegate in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead 1991
Christina Applegate in Across the Moon 1993
Christina Applegate in Wild Bill 1995
Christina Applegate in Vibrations 1996

After Married with Children, Christina landed the lead role of Jesse Warner on the TV show Jessie in 1998.  She co-starred with Jennifer Milmore (Carrie), Bruno Campos (Diego Vasquez), and Liza Snyder (Linda), Eric Lloyd (Little John Warner), John Lehr (John Warner, Jr.), George Dzundza (John Warner, Sr.), David DeLuise (Darren Warner), Kevin Rahm (Dr. Danny Kozak), and Darryl Theirse (Kurt Bemis).  The show would last for two years and ended in 2000.

Christina Applegate in Jessie 1998

During her run on Jessie, Christina would also star in sows and movies such as Claudine's Return co-starring Stefano Dionisi , Matt Clark, Gabriel Mann, and Perry Anzilotti (1998); The Big Hit co-starring Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Antonio Sabato Jr., Lainie Kazan, Avery Brooks, China Chow, Bokeem Woodbine, and Elliott Gould (1998); Jane Austen's Mafia! co-starring Jay Mohr, Billy Burke, Pamela Gidley, Olympia Dukakis, Marisol Nichols, Joe Viterelli, Lloyd Bridges, Vincent Pastore, and Jason Fuchs (1998); Out in Fifty co-starring Mickey Rourke, Scott Anthony Leet, Nina Ofenböck, Nikki Bokal, Peter Greene, Bojesse Christopher, and Ed Lauter (1999); and The Giving Tree co-starring Justin Lazard, Molly Ringwald, Johnathon Schaech, Moon Unit Zappa, and Tiffany Salerno (2000).

Christina Applegate in The Big Hit 1998
Christina Applegate in Mafia! 1998

After her run on Jessie, Christina starred in Just Visiting with Jean Reno, Tara Reid, Christian Clavier, Matt Ross, Bridgette Wilson, and Malcolm McDowell (2001); Prince Charming co-starring Martin Short, Andrea Martin, Billy Connolly, Bernadette Peters, Sean Maguire, Marcia Bennett, and Meredith McGeachie (2001); The Sweetest Thing co-starring Cameron Diaz, Thomas Jane, Selma Blair, Jason Bateman, Thomas Jane, Frank Grillo, Lillian Adams, Eddie McClintock, Georgia Engel, Sybil Temtchine, Parker Posey, and Chelsea Bond (2002); Heroes co-starring Djimon Hounsou, Johnathon Schaech, Cameron Thor, Dillon Thor, and Noah Woode (2002); View from the Top co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, Candice Bergen, Kelly Preston, Mike Myers, Joshua Malina, Rob Lowe, Stacey Dash, and Robyn Peterson (2003); Wonderland co-starring Val Kilmer, Lisa Kudrow, Carrie Fisher, Dylan McDermott, Kate Bosworth, and Josh Lucas (2003); 

Christina Applegate in Just Visiting 2001
Christina Applegate in Prince Charming 2001

Christina Applegate in The Sweetest Thing 2002
Christina Applegate as Christine Montgomery in View from the Top 2003

Applegate guest starred in 2 episodes of the series Friends starring Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc (2002-2003); as well as Grand Theft Parsons co-starring Johnny Knoxville, Jamie McShane, Marley Shelton, Danielle Sapia, Sara Arrington, Alexa Sheehan, Wesley Mann, and Marley Shelton (2003); Employee of the Month co-starring Matt Dillon, Steve Zahn, and Andrea Bendewald (2004); King of the Hill (voice, 2004); Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy co-starring Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Steve Carell, Fred Willard, David Koechner, and Danny Trejo (2004); Surviving Christmas co-starring Ben Affleck, James Gandolfini, Catherine O'Hara, Josh Zuckerman, and Stephen Root (2004); Father of the Pride with John Goodman, Cheryl Hines and Orlando Jones (voice, 2004); and Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie co-starring Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, Steve Carell, Fred Willard, and Chad Everett (2004).

Christina Applegate in Grand Theft Parsons 2003
Will Farrell (Ron Burgundy) and Christina Applegate (Veronica Corningstone) in the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 2004
Christina Applegate in Surviving Christmas 2004

Also in 2004, Applegate proved her diversity by starring on-stage for the first time giving an award winning performance in the role of Charity Hope Valentine in Sweet Charity.  Her efforts earned her a nomination for a Tony award.  She also starred in such productions as Nobody Leaves Empty Handed, The Axeman's Jazz, The Runthrough, and The Third Day.

Christina Applegate in her on stage debut as Charity in the production of Sweet Charity 2004

In 2005 Christina landed the lead role in Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas co-starring Johnathon Schaech, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Kevin Jubinville, Jenna Friedenberg, and Trevor Hayes (2005).  She went on to star in Tilt-A-Whirl with Vincent Duvall, Jessica Schatz, Tyler Brooks, Chris Klein, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Juli Black, Justin Guarini, and Krista Ryan (2005); and Farce of the Penguins co-starring Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Alexander, Jason Biggs, James Belushi, Dane Cook, and Drea de Matteo (voice, 2006).

Christina Applegate now

In 2007 Christina landed the title role in Samantha Who?  She co-starred with Jennifer Esposito (Andrea Belladonna), Kevin Dunn (Howard), Melissa McCarthy (Dena), Tim Russ (Frank), Barry Watson (Todd), and Jean Smart (Regina Newly).  The show ran for three years and ended in 2009.

Christina Applegate in Samantha Who?
Christina Applegate in 2008

During her run on Samantha Who?, Christina appeared in Reno 911! starring Cedric Yarbrough, Niecy Nash, Kerri Kenney, Thomas Lennon, and Robert Ben Garant (2008); and the film The Rocker co-starring Rainn Wilson, Josh Gad, Teddy Geiger, Emma Stone, Howard Hesseman, Bradley Cooper, and Jane Krakowski (2008).  Also during this time, Christina was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She underwent surgery and successfully battled off the disease.

After Samantha Who? Christina again used her voice talents in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel co-starring Jason Lee, Zachary Levi and David Cross (2009); and Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore co-starring Bette Midler, Chris O'Donnell, James Marsden, Nick Nolte, Jack McBrayer, Neil Patrick Harris, and Roger Moore (2010).

Christina Applegate in 2009

In 2010, Applegate starred in Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Charlie Day, Ron Livingston, and Natalie Morales (2010).  While Christina was pregnant with her first child, she appeared in the Prenatal Pole Dancing DVD (2010).

Christina Applegate today.  She's come a long way since the days of Kelly Bundy

More recently, Applegate starred in Hall Pass co-starring Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer, Nicky Whelan, and Richard Jenkins (2011).  It is most likely we will be seeing a great deal more from Christina Applegate in the years to come!


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