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Cast of Little House on the Prairie

Remember Life in Walnut Grove?  That quaint little western town where the Ingalls family experienced life growing up on the western prairie. The show Little House on the Prairie was centered around a girl named Laura Ingalls growing up with her siblings in the mid-west in the late 1800s. The series would probably not have ever been were it not for Michael Landon.

The cast of Little House on the Prairie in the early years. Front: Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls), Lindsay/Sidney Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls) Back: Michael Landon (Charles Ingalls), Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls), Melissa Sue Gilbert (Laura Ingalls also called "half-pint" by Charles Ingalls)

Michael Landon was the star of many western films and shows including Bonanza which endured an incredible fourteen year run.  The show featured Michael Landon as "Little Joe" Cartwright. Towards the end of his run on Bonanza, Landon dabbled in writing and directing some of the episodes.

Karen Grassle and Michael Landon (Caroline and Charles Ingalls) of the TV show Little House on the Prairie
Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls), Lindsay/Sidney Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls),and  Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) of Little House on the Prairie

After Bonanza was canceled, Landon would a year later start a project of his own. He was a believer in strong family values. He would produce, write, direct and star in the TV show Little House on the Prairie.  The show was a family western based on the book Little House in the Big Woods and eventually the "Little House" series of books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Landon would play the role of Charles Ingalls, Melissa Sue Gilbert would play the starring role of Laura Ingalls.

Victor French (Mr. Edwards), Melissa Sue Gilbert (Laura Ingalls), Sidney and Lindsay Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls) from the TV show Little House on the Prairie

Landon's family centered frame of mind would play a part off the screen as well as on.  He purposely casted several sets of siblings to play various roles in the show.  The nemisis of Laura Ingalls (Melissa Gilbert) was Nellie Olsen and her brother Willie. Willie was actually played by Gilbert's younger brother Jonathan.  The part of Carrie Ingalls was actually played off and on by two twin sisters, Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush.  Grace Ingalls was played by both Wendi and Brenda Turnbaugh.  Michael Landon's own daughter Leslie would play the role of Etta Plum later in the series.

Front: Scottie MacGregor (Harriet Oleson), pictured with real life brother and sister Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) and Jonathan Gilbert (Willie Olesen) from the TV show Little House on the Prairie
Former NFL football player Merlin Olsen played the role of Jonathan Garvey in the TV show Little House on the Prairie

The show would endure a ten year run before finally being cancelled.  Visit some of the star's links below to see what ever happened to...

    Melissa Sue Gilbert        Laura Ingalls

    Michael Landon        Charles Ingalls

    Karen Grassle        Caroline Ingalls

    Melissa Sue Anderson    Mary Ingalls

    Lindsay Greenbush    Carrie Ingalls

    Sidney Greenbush     Carrie Ingalls

    Alison Arngrim        Nellie Oleson

    Jonathan Gilbert    Willie Oleson

    Scottie MacGregor    Harriet Oleson

    Richard Bull        Nels Oleson

    Victor French        Isaiah Edwards

    Merlin Olsen        Jonathan Garvey

    Kevin Hagen        Dr. Hiram Baker

Other co-stars:

    Matthew Laborteaux    Albert Quinn Ingalls

    Dabbs Greer        Reverend Robert Alden

    Dean Butler        Almanzo James Wilder

    Ruth Foster        Melinda Foster

    Wendi Turnbaugh        Grace Ingalls

    Brenda Turnbaugh    Grace Ingalls

    Charlotte Stewart    Teacher Eva Beadle

    Patrick Labyorteaux    Andrew 'Andy' Garvey

    Karl Swenson        Lars Hanson

    Ketty Lester        Hester-Sue Terhune

    Linwood Boomer        Adam Kendall

    Hersha Parady        Alice Garvey

    Allison Balson        Nancy Oleson

    Bonnie Bartlett        Grace Snider Edwards

    Jason Bateman        James Cooper Ingalls

    Missy Francis        Cassandra Cooper Ingalls

    Stan Ivar        John Carter

    Brian Part        Carl Sanderson Edwards

    Leslie Landon        Etta Plum

    Kyle Richards        Alicia Sanderson Edwards

    Michelle Downey        Susan 'Sue' Goodspeed

    Lindsay Kennedy        Jeb Carter

    David Friedman        Jason Carter

    Shannen Doherty        Jenny Wilder

    Steve Tracy         Percival Dalton

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  1. What was the name of the other Wilder lady who played the teacher? Her given name?

    1. Lucy Lee Flippin played Eliza Jane Wilder for 18 episodes of LHOTP

  2. All I can say is I loved and still love the show. My children have grown up watching it and I still watch it today. So glad to see that Michael Jr. is making more movies I can watch and pass on to my children to watch. I am 55, widow and it just so nice to watch family shows with God, meaning, love, heartache and just awesome!!

  3. Oh my god the best show ever got the hole set at home watched it almost 8 times threw. And I'm talking of the original uncut versions