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Ted Lange who played bartender Isaac Washington on The Love Boat

Ted Lange was born Theodore William Lange January, 1948 in Oakland, California.  He is best known as the bartender Isaac Washington on "The Love Boat".

Ted Lange as Isaac Washington, the bartender of "The Love Boat"

Ted began his acting career on-stage in the 1968 Broadway musical "Hair".  He got his film debut in 1972 when he landed the role of Melvin the Pimp in "Trick Baby" co-starring Kiel Martin, Mel Stewart and Dallas Edward Hayes.  This was followed the next year with the thriller "Blade" which co-starred John Marley, Jon Cypher, Kathryn Walker, Raina Barrett, and Steve Landesberg.

Lange would continue on appearing in "Black Belt Jones" co-starring Jim Kelly, Gloria Hendry and Scatman Crothers (1974); and "Larry" co-starring Frederic Forrest, Tyne Daly, Michael McGuire, Katey Sagal, and Katherine Helmond (1974).

In 1974, Ted would land his first regular role in a series as Junior on the show "That's My Mama" co-starring Theresa Merritt, Clifton Davis, and Teddy Wilson.  He would play the role for the full run of the show for two seasons until it ended in 1975.

Ted Lange and the cast of "That's My Mama" 1974-75
Ted Lange as Junior on "That's My Mama"

Lange went on to star with Pam Grier, Yaphet Kotto, Jim Bakus, Scatman Crothers, Godfrey Cambridge, and Carl Weathers in the film "Friday Foster" in 1975.  He would then land another regular role as Harvard in the short lived series "Mr. T and Tina"  co-starring Pat Morita, Susan Blanchard, Pat Suzuki, and Miriam Byrd (1976).

In 1977, Lange would land the role of Isaac the bartender in the TV movie "The Love Boat II" co-starring Ken Berry, Bert Convy,  Celeste Holm, Robert Reed, Bernie Kopell, Fred Grandy, Hope Lange, Kristy McNichol, Marcia Strassman, and Lyle Waggoner.  The success of the movie would lead to the launch of the series of "The Love Boat" that same year in which Ted Lange would retain his role of Isaac Washington.  He co-starred on the show with Gavin MacLeod (Captain Merrill Stubing), Fred Grandy ("Gopher" Smith), Bernie Kopell (Ship's Doctor Adam Bricker), Lauren Tewes (Cruise Director Julie McCoy), and Jill Whelan (Vicki Stubing).  Lange starred in 250 episodes of the show until it ended in 1986. Lange also wrote the script for six episodes of "The Love Boat".

Ted Lange as Isaac Washington, the bartender of "The Love Boat"

The cast of "The Love Boat", Front: Ted Lange (Isaac Washington), Gavin MacLeod (Captain Stubing), Lauren Tewes (Julie McCoy)  Back: Fred Grandy("Gopher" Smith),  Bernie Kopell (Doctor Adam Bricker)
Ted Lange and Tracy Reed on "The Love Boat"

During his time on "The Love Boat", Lange also starred in "Record City" with Leonard Barr, Ed Begley Jr., Ruth Buzzi, and Sorrell Booke (1978); "Fantasy Island" starring Ricardo Montalban, Hervé Villechaize and Carol Lynley (1979); "Charlie's Angels" starring Cheryl Ladd, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Jaclyn Smith (1979); "The Fall Guy" starring Lee Majors, Douglas Barr, Heather Thomas, and Markie Post (1983); he would reprise his role of Junior in "That's My Mama Now!" (1986); and he would also star in "Christmas" with Robert Guillaume, Roscoe Lee Browne and Geoffrey Holder (1986).

Ted Lange (Isaac Washington),  Fred Grandy("Gopher" Smith),  and Bernie Kopell (Doctor Adam Bricker) from the TV show "The Love Boat"

Jayne Kennedy and Ted Lange 1983

After "The Love Boat", Ted went on to star in shows and movies such as "Terminal Exposure" co-starring Mark Hennessy, Scott King and Hope Marie Carlton (1987); "227" starring Helen Martin, Jackée Harry, Marla Gibbs, Regina King, Alaina Reed-Hall, and Hal Williams (1988); "Bustin' Loose" starring Marie Cole, Jimmie Walker, Aaron Lohr, Tyren Perry, and Vonetta McGee (1988); "In the Heat of the Night" with Carroll O'Connor, Alan Autry, Hugh O'Connor, Howard E. Rollins Jr., Anne-Marie Johnson, and David Hart (1988); "It Nearly Wasn't Christmas" co-starring Beverly Rowland, Charles Durning and Risa Schiffman (1989); "Glitch!" co-starring Will Egan, Steve Donmyer, Julia Nickson, and Amy Lyndon (1989); and Ted directed and starred in the film version of "Othello" co-starring Hawthorne James and Stuart Rogers (1989).

Ted Lange circa late 1980s

In the '90s, Lange starred in shows and movies such as "Penny Ante: The Motion Picture" co-starring Ja'net DuBois, Donald Fullilove, Erica Gimpel, Bruce Glover, and Steve Garland (1990); "The Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage" co-starring Gavin MacLeod, Steve Bond, Tom Bosley, Julia Duffy, Bernie Kopell, Roddy Piper, Jill Whelan, Ted Shackelford, Shanna Reed, and Kim Johnston Ulrich (1990); "Perfume" co-starring Kathleen Bradley, Cheryl Francis Harrington and Shy Jefferson (1991); "Evening Shade" starring Burt Reynolds, Marilu Henner, Ann Wedgeworth, Elizabeth Ashley, Hal Holbrook, Ossie Davis, and Charles Durning (1993); "The Naked Truth" co-starring Robert Caso, Kevin Schon, Herb Edelman, Courtney Gibbs, Brian Thompson, Yvonne De Carlo, Norman Fell, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Erik Estrada, and Lou Ferrigno (1993); "Platypus Man" starring Richard Jeni, Ron Orbach and Denise Miller (1995);

In the later half of the '90s, Lange appeared in movies and shows such as "Weird Science" starring Michael Manasseri, John Mallory Asher and Vanessa Angel (1996); "Martin" starring Martin Lawrence, Carl Anthony Payne II and Tisha Campbell-Martin (1997); "Family Matters" starring Reginald VelJohnson, Jaleel White, Darius McCrary, JoMarie Payton, Telma Hopkins, and Kellie Shanygne Williams (1997); "Sandman" co-starring Steve Susskind, Ann Walker, Elyse LaFontaine, Jenna Leigh Green, and Jill Whelan (1998); the reunion show of "Love Boat: The Next Wave" starring Robert Urich, Phil Morris, Joan Severance, and Randy Vasquez (1998); and "L.A. Heat" starring Wolf Larson, Steven Williams, Renee Tenison, and Kenneth Tigar (1999);

Ted Lange and Reginald VelJohnson  of the TV show "Family Matters"

Lange started the new millennium starring in "The Redemption" co-starring Jenilee Harrison, Steve Withem, and Angela Dawn Salinas (2000); "The Hughleys" starring D.L. Hughley, Elise Neal and Eric Allan Kramer (2002); "Scrubs" starring Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Judy Reyes, Christa Miller, and Sarah Chalke (2002); "Banana Moon" co-starring Sasha Perl-Raver, Lee Anne Moore, Greg Mullavey, and Willow Hale (2003); "The King of Queens" starring Kevin James, Leah Remini, Jerry Stiller, and Victor Williams (2003); "Gang of Roses" co-starring Monica Calhoun, Kimberly Jones ('Lil' Kim), Stacey Dash, Marie Matiko, LisaRaye, Macy Gray, and Bobby Brown (2003); "Half & Half" starring Essence Atkins, Rachel True, Telma Hopkins, Valarie Pettiford, and Chico Benymon (2003); and "Drake & Josh" starring Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Miranda Cosgrove, and Jonathan Goldstein (2 episodes, 2004-05).  During this time Lange also wrote and starred in the play "Lemon Meringue Façade" co-starring Carrie Baker, James Blanshard, Melanie Boland, Cheryl Lynn Bowers, Jill Sorensen, and Gunna Wilson.  The play ran from 2003-2004.

Ted Lange in 2004

Ted Lange and the cast of his play "Lemon Meringue Façade"

In the later half of the 2000s, Lange starred in "Uncle Tom's Apartment" co-starring Gracie Starr, Alan Wone, Diana DeVoe, and Amanda Child (2006); "Dorm Daze 2" co-starring Gable Carr, Patrick Casey, Patrick Cavanaugh, Marieh Delfino, Danielle Fishel, James DeBello, Jennifer Lyons, and Vida Guerra (2006); "Last of the Romantics" Chris Bruno, Brittany Daniel, Morgan H. Margolis, Dylan Bruno, Scott Bruno, and Lisa LaBriola (2007); "Carts" co-starring Fernanda Romero, Douglas Spain, Mo Collins, Isabel Cueva, Abra Chouinard, and Bradford Anderson (2007);  "General Hospital" (2007); "Senior Skip Day" co-starring Larry Miller, Gary Lundy, Tara Reid, Lea Thompson, Norm MacDonald, Kayla Ewell, Lindsey Axelsson, and Taryn Southern (2008); "Psych" starring James Roday, Dulé Hill, Corbin Bernsen, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson, and Timothy Omundson (2008); "The Adventures of Umbweki" co-starring Lee Majors, BernNadette Stanis, David Joyner, Kofi Yiadom, and Geneviere Anderson (2009); and "Who Shot Mamba?" co-starring Brian Spaeth, Stephanie Sanborn, Dylan Mooney, Dominic Pace, Joni Kempner, Katie Heeran, and Joleigh Fioravanti (2009).

Ted Lange plays a judge on "General Hospital" 2007

Ted Lange 2010
Ted Lange and Charo who was a regular on "The Love Boat" reunite in 2010

Recently in 2010, Lange lent his voice to the animated TV series "The Cleveland Show" starring Mike Henry, Sanaa Lathan and Kevin Michael Richardson.  Ted will be bringing us future entertainment with a leading role in the up and coming film "Phil Cobb's Dinner for Four" co-starring Josh Stamberg, Katie Lowes, Eric Pierpoint, and Lanre Idewu.  He also penned and starred in a play "Let Freedom Ring" which made its debut at the Stella Adler in 2010.

The cast of "Let Freedom Ring": Ted Lange, Lou Beatty, Jr., Shani Shockley, Christopher O'Neal Warren, J.D. Hall, and Garrett Morris. Photo by Mary Lange
Ted Lange now

Since the beginning in his "Love Boat" days, Lange has also directed many productions including twelve episodes of "The Love Boat".  Others include "Othello" (1989), "Moesha" (5 episodes, 1996-2000), "Dharma & Greg" (2 episodes, 2001), and "For the Love of Amy" (2009).

Ted Lange today


  1. Cool guy. I was so elated to see the Minions movie where they had an Isaac the bartender Minion. I laughed my @$$ off.