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Kristy McNichol who played 'Buddy' Lawrence in the TV show Family

Kristy McNichol was born Christina Ann McNichol on September 11, 1962 in Los Angeles, California.  She is best known for playing the role of 'Buddy' Lawrence on the TV show Family.  She then later appeared in the role of Barbara Weston in Empty Nest.

Kristy McNichol then

First appeared in commercials with her brother and former actor Jimmy McNichol.  However, in 1973 she made her television debut in the series Love, American Style.  The following year she landed her first regular role in a series as Patricia Apple in Apple's Way co-starring Ronny Cox, Frances Lee McCain, Vincent Van Patten, Patti Cohoon, Eric Olson, and Frannie Michel.  She played the role for two years until the show ended in 1975.

Kristy McNichol in Apple's Way 1974

McNichol made serveral appearances in the ABC Afterschool Specials from 1975 to 1977. During that time in 1976 she made an appearance in several series including Sara co-starring Jerry Hardin, Michael LeClair and Raymond Singer; The Bionic Woman starring Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson and Martin E. Brooks; the made for TV movie The Love Boat II co-starring Ken Berry, Bert Convy,  Celeste Holm, Robert Reed, Bernie Kopell, Fred Grandy, Hope Lange, Ted Lange, Marcia Strassman, and Lyle Waggoner; and the series spin-off of that movie, The Love Boat co-starring with Gavin MacLeod (Captain Merrill Stubing),
Fred Grandy ("Gopher" Smith), Ted Lange (Bartender Isaac Washington), Bernie Kopell (Ship's Doctor Adam Bricker), Lauren Tewes (Cruise Director Julie McCoy),  Jill Whelan (Vicki Stubing), and Scott Baio.

Kristy McNichcol in The Love Boat
Scott Baio and Kristy McNichcol appeared together in The Love Boat

In 1976, Kristy would land the role of Letitia 'Buddy' Lawrence in the TV series Family co-starring Sada Thompson (Kate Lawrence), James Broderick (Doug Lawrence), Meredith Baxter (Nancy Lawrence Maitland), and Gary Frank (Willie Lawrence).  McNichol played the role for five seasons until the show ended in 1980.

Cast of the show Family Meredith Baxer (Nancy Lawrence Maitland),  Gary Frank (Willie Lawrence), James Broderick (Doug Lawrence), Sada Thompson (Kate Lawrence), and Kristy McNichol ('Buddy' Lawrence)
Kristy McNichol during her years on Family
Kristy McNichol in 1978

During her run on Family, Kristy would also appear in Starsky and Hutch starring David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Bernie Hamilton, and Antonio Fargas (3 episodes, 1976-78); The End co-starring Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Norman Fell, Dom DeLuise, Myrna Loy, Joanne Woodward, Strother Martin, Robby Benson, and Carl Reiner (1978); Like Mom, Like Me co-starring Linda Lavin and Max Gail (1978); she would land the lead role in Summer of My German Soldier co-starring Bruce Davison, Esther Rolle, Barbara Barrie, Michael Constantine, Robyn Lively, and Sonny Shroyer (1978); followed by a lead in My Old Man co-starring Warren Oates, Eileen Brennan, and Mark Arnold (1979); and Little Darlings co-starring Tatum O'Neal, Armand Assante, Margaret Blye, Matt Dillon, Krista Errickson, and Cynthia Nixon (1980). Also during this time Kristy and her brother would release a record album together, Kristy and Jimmy McNichol in 1978 which hit the top 100.

Kristy McNichol in 1978

Kristy McNichol featured in Teen Beat Magazine in 1979
Kristy McNichol and Tatum O'Neal in Little Darlings 1980
Kristy McNichol  in Little Darlings
Kristy McNichol and Matt Dillon in Little Darlings

After the show Family ended, Kristy would go on to star in Blinded by the Light co-starring Phillip R. Allen, Keith Andes,  Ben Bottoms, Gail Edwards, Anne Jackson, Jimmy McNichol, and Jenny O'Hara (1980);  The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia co-starring Dennis Quaid, Mark Hamill, Barry Corbin, and Lulu McNichol (1981); Only When I Laugh co-starring Marsha Mason, James Coco, Joan Hackett, and David Dukes (1981); White Dog co-starring Christa Lang and Vernon Weddle (1982); The Pirate Movie co-starring Christopher Atkins, Ted Hamilton, Bill Kerr, and Rhonda Burchmore (1982); Just the Way You Are co-starring Michael Ontkean, Kaki Hunter, André Dussollier, Alexandra Paul, and Tim Daly (1984); and Love, Mary co-starring Matt Clark, David Paymer, Rachel Ticotin, Piper Laurie, Lycia Naff, and David Faustino (1985).

Kristy McNichol in White Dog 1982

Kristy McNichol in White Dog 1982
Kristy McNichol circa early 1980s

In the latter half of the 1980s, Dream Lover co-starring Ben Masters and Paul Shenar (1986); Women of Valor co-starring Susan Sarandon, Alberta Watson, Valerie Mahaffey, and Suzanne Lederer (1986); You Can't Hurry Love co-starring David Packer, Scott McGinnis, David Leisure, Bridget Fonda, Anthony Geary, Frank Bonner, Charles Grodin, Sally Kellerman, and Danitza Kingsley (1988).

Kristy McNichol then

Kristy McNichol

Also in 1988, Kristy landed the role of Barbara Weston in the series Empty Nest co-starring Richard Mulligan (Dr. Harry Weston), Dinah Manoff (Carol Weston), David Leisure (Charley Dietz), and Park Overall (Laverne Todd). Kristy would play the role for the entire run of the show until it ended in 1995.

The cast of Empty Nest Front: Kristy Mcnichol (Barbara Weston), Richard Mulligan (Dr. Harry Weston), Dinah Manoff (Carol Weston) Back: David Leisure (Charley Dietz), and Park Overall (Laverne Todd)
Kristy McNichol during her Empty Nest years

During her run on Empty Nest, Kristy appeared in movies and shows such as Murder, She Wrote co-starring Angela Lansbury, William Windom and Ron Masak (1988); Two Moon Junction  co-starring Sherilyn Fenn, Richard Tyson, Louise Fletcher, Burl Ives, Juanita Moore, Millie Perkins, Milla Jovovich, and Hervé Villechaize (1988); and The Forgotten One co-starring Terry O'Quinn, Blair Parker, and Elisabeth Brooks (1989). 

Kristy McNichol circa late 1980s

In the 1990s, Children of the Bride co-starring Rue McClanahan, Jack Coleman, Patrick Duffy, and Beverley Mitchell (1990); Baby of the Bride co-starring Rue McClanahan, John Wesley Shipp, Anne Bobby, Greg Kean, Michelle Joyner, Beverley Mitchell, and Ted Shackelford (1991); The Golden Girls starring Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty (2 episodes, 1991-92); and Mother of the Bride co-starring Rue McClanahan, Paul Dooley, Anne Bobby, Greg Kean, Jeff Yagher, Ted Shackelford, Kristen Cloke, Beverly Mitchell, and Catherine Bell (1993).

Rue McClanahan and Kristy McNichol of Mother of the Bride 1993

Kristy McNichol circa  mid 1990s

After Empty Nest, Kristy voice acted in Extreme Ghostbusters in 1997.  Her last acting appearance was in 1998 in the series Invasion America co-starring Mikey Kelley, Lorenzo Lamas and Tony Jay.

After Kristy's last appearance she decided that for her own well being and peace of mind that she would retire from acting.  She now lives in Los Angeles and teaches acting classes.

Kristy McNicol in 2007
Kristy McNichol now


  1. thank God your,e still alive.

  2. Love ya still!!! Im watching a re run of Empty Nest.. and had to google to see where you went!!

  3. i actually had a crush on u kristy in ur younger years luv!xoxoxox =)

  4. Aw Kristy you deserve peace of mind and serenity! You brought me many years of joy and enjoyment in my growing up years going through my own teen angst right along with Buddy! I followed your career for years and often wondered where you were! Blessings!

  5. I really like the character you portrayed in The Pirate Movie. Some find the film campy, but I really emjoyed it and it is one my favorite films of all time. I loved the location where it was shot and made me wish to live there and most of all the film made me really wish I had a chance to meet you. I still wish I could. You just seem like someone who would have been fun and a joy to be around. Thanks for the character Mable.

  6. As a young teen, I had a crush on Kristy, but a major, major, major league mega crush on Tatum O'Neal! lol

  7. Ahh, Dearest Amanda (Night the lights went out in GA.) WOW! Yeap, had a crush on you sweetheart. There's a couple photo's above (Kristy in 1980's) that just captured the most beautiful young lady in Hollywood. Sunshine you made my day.
    here's Remembering a few others hotties:
    Valerie Anne Bertinelli in fact her dad Andy (Inside story from GM not on the internet) worked at GM as an Exc; and they name one Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta after her.
    How about that sexy wildcat Joey Heatherton
    And I'm NOT gay but son of a buck Leif Garrett was such a sexy hottie!
    Marsha Brady-Maureen McCormick Remeber those sexy white boots.WOW
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    Incredible sexy Susan St.James
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    And folks these are just to name a few that really turned my head and crushes I had. Hope you enjoyed this little tid bit.

  8. I to had a crush big time on her there are just not actors any more like her it brings so many remembers to me when i do see one of her shows i miss her alot thanks for making part of my childhood so rememberable

  9. I've always been a fan. Was wondering also where you've been. Growing up I always thought you had such a natural beauty and you were so cool. And now I see you are a beautiful woman. Thank you for being a part of my childhood.

  10. It is refreshing to see that you retired and are teaching classes.. I hope the best for you.. I did follow your career the 80-90's.. I enjoyed watching you on TV..

  11. I wish to see her again in the movies. Good actress...


  13. hi...im the guy who caught u when u slipped and fell walking down the steps in ur ski boots at bear mountain....circa 1988....ur as beautiful now as u were then...

  14. hi...im the guy who caught u when u slipped and fell walking down the steps in ur ski boots at bear mountain....circa 1988....ur as beautiful now as u were then...

  15. Do these jackasses not realize that this is not Kristy McNichol's site?

  16. Boy, Kristy was always such a Major Babe that EVERY DAY I would stop in to "King-Kwick" store on my Cincinnati Post paper route, and would MAKE SURE that I scanned the pages of Teen Beat to get my 'Kristy-Fix ON' for the day !! :--) I just loved that girl so much, that she actually caused me some definite; but now somewhat humorous PAIN inside me !!! HAA !! Wow; I actually loved that girl so much, that I'm QUITE SURE that I'll ALWAYS love her !! If you ever see this Kristy, all I have to say is May God Bless You, Kristy Girl !! Love, John Godfrey

  17. Your some sorry dudes talking about, Serilus crushes and doing these women....

    1. Can't spell, hates beautiful women, must be gay

  18. Sexiest woman to ever grace the screen. My heart still leaps when i see her.

  19. Gotta lay of the drugs dude, you're starting to sound like Billary.

    Kristy's the sexiest woman to ever grace the screen.

  20. Was such a good actor. Grew up with you, will always remember.

  21. Kristy, I always watched you growing up...loved you....
    Not until i was 16, did i realize it was a crush. Thats a lot to figure out..i was born in 1963..nearly your age. There was no LGBT awareness then
    Between you and Jody Foster...man.
    You look great...i hope you are happy and have someone in your life who loves you.
    .....with fondest of memories
    Elizabeth from Madison Wisconsin