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Ernest Borgnine who played Quinton McHale in the TV series McHale's Navy

Ernest Borgnine was born Ermes Effron Borgnino on January 24, 1917 and is a Hollywood legend.  He is known for many movie roles over the years but is probably best known as playing Quinton McHale in the TV series McHale's Navy.  He also won an Academy Award in 1955 for his role in the film Marty.

Ernest Borgnine as Lt. Cmd. Quinton McHale in McHale's Navy


Borgnine's popularity stretched a decade prior to his role in McHale's Navy.  He began his acting career in 1951 in the film China Corsair followed shortly by a role in the film The Whistle at Eaton Falls co-starring Lloyd Bridges, Dorothy Gish and Carleton Carpenter, Murray Hamilton, Anne Francis, and Diana Douglas (1951).  That same year he also starred in The Mob with  Broderick Crawford, Betty Buehler and Richard Kiley.

Ernest also landed his first TV series role in 1951 as Nargola in the show Captain Video and His Video Rangers co-starring Don Hastings, Al Hodge and Ben Lackland. 


Borgnine would go on to star in shows and films such as Treasure of the Golden Condor co-starring Cornel Wilde, Constance Smith, Anne Bancroft, Fay Wray, and Finlay Currie (1953); The Stranger Wore a Gun co-starring Randolph Scott, Claire Trevor, Joan Weldon, and Lee Marvin; and From Here to Eternity co-starring Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Frank Sinatra, Donna Reed, and Jack Warden.

Montgomery Clift, Ernest Borgnine, and Frank Sinatra in From Here to Eternity


Ernest appeared in the series The Lone Wolf starring Louis Hayward, John Doucette and Adele Mara; Johnny Guitar co-starring Joan Crawford, Sterling Hayden, Ward Bond, Ben Cooper, Mercedes McCambridge, and John Carradine; Demetrius and the Gladiators co-starring Victor Mature, Susan Hayward, Anne Bancroft, Richard Egan, Debra Paget, and Michael Rennie; Waterfront starring Preston Foster, Douglas Dick and Lois Moran; The Bounty Hunter co-starring Randolph Scott, Dolores Dorn and Marie Windsor; and Vera Cruz co-starring Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster, Sara Montiel, Denise Darcel, Cesar Romero, Charles Bronson, and Jack Elam.

Ernest Borgnine and the cast of Johnny Guitar 1954


Borgnine starred in Bad Day at Black Rock with Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan, Walter Brennan, Anne Francis, and Lee Marvin; Ernest would score the leading role for which he would win an Academy Award in Marty, co-starring Betsy Blair, Esther Minciotti, Augusta Ciolli, Jerry Paris, Karen Steele, and Joe Mantell; Run for Cover co-starring James Cagney, Viveca Lindfors and John Derek; Violent Saturday co-starring Victor Mature, Richard Egan, Lee Marvin, Margaret Hayes, Stephen McNally, and Sylvia Sidney; The Last Command co-starring Sterling Hayden, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Richard Carlson, Ben Cooper, Virginia Grey, Otto Kruger, Jim Davis, and Slim Pickens; and The Square Jungle co-starring Tony Curtis, Pat Crowley, Jim Backus, David Janssen, and Barney Phillips.

Spencer Tracy and Ernest Borgnine in Bad Day at Black Rock 1955
Ernest Borgnine and Betsy Blair in Marty 1955
Ernest Borgnine in Marty 1955


Borgnine starred in Jubal with Glenn Ford, Rod Steiger, Valerie French, Charles Bronson, Jack Elam, and Noah Beery Jr.; The Catered Affair co-starring Bette Davis, Debbie Reynolds, Rod Taylor, and Barry Fitzgerald; The Best Things in Life Are Free co-starring Gordon MacRae, Dan Dailey, Tommy Noonan, and Sheree North; and Three Brave Men co-starring Ray Milland, Nina Foch, Dean Jagger, Richard Anderson, and Frank Lovejoy.

Ernest Borgnine, Gordon MacRae, Sheree North, and Dan Dailey in The Best Things in Life Are Free 1956


Ernest appeared for the first time in the series Wagon Train starring Ward Bond, Robert Horton; The Danny Thomas Show starring Danny Thomas, Rusty Hamer and Marjorie Lord; and Navy Log: Human Bomb starring Alex Gerry and Jack Larson.


Borgnine appeared in Wagon Train with Ward Bond, Robert Horton and William Bendix; The Vikings co-starring Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, and Janet Leigh; The Badlanders co-starring Alan Ladd, Katy Jurado, and Claire Kelly; and Torpedo Run co-starring Glenn Ford, Dean Jones, Diane Brewster, Richard Carlyle, and Don Keefer.

Ernest Borgnine in The Vikings 1958

Ernest Borgnine, Janet Leigh, Tony Curtis, and Kirk Douglas as the cast of The Vikings 1958
Ernest Borgnine and Alan Ladd in The Badlanders 1958
Ernest Borgnine, Glen Ford and the cast of Torpedo Run 1958


Ernest starred in Season of Passion with Anne Baxter, Angela Lansbury and John Mills; Wagon Train starring Ward Bond, Robert Horton; and The Rabbit Trap co-starring David Brian, Don Rickles, and Bethel Leslie.


Borgnine starred in Man on a String co-starring Kerwin Mathews and Colleen Dewhurst; Pay or Die co-starring Zohra Lampert, Howard Caine, Renata Vanni, and Alan Austin; Zane Grey Theater: A Gun for Willie co-starring Paul Birch and Nancy Valentine; and Laramie starring Robert Fuller, John Smith and Spring Byington.

Ernest Borgnine and wife Katy Jurado in 1960


Ernest starred in Go Naked in the World with Gina Lollobrigida, Anthony Franciosa, Nancy R. Pollock, and Luana Patten; Wagon Train starring Ward Bond, Robert Horton; The Blue Angels starring Dennis Cross, Morgan Jones and Warner Jones; Italian films Il re di Poggioreale and I briganti italianiThe Last Judgment co-starring Alberto Sordi, Vittorio Gassman, Jack Palance, and Anouk Aimée; and Barabbas co-starring Anthony Quinn, Silvana Mangano, Vittorio Gassman, Arthur Kennedy, Valentina Cortese, and Jack Palance.

Ernest Borgnine then


Borgnine would play the role of McHale in Alcoa Premiere's drama Seven Against the Sea co-starring Fred Astaire, William Bramley, and Ron Foster.  This would lead to him starring in the role of Lt. Commander Quinton McHale in the TV comedy series McHale's Navy.  Ernest would co-star in the show with Joe Flynn (Captain Wallace Binghamton), Tim Conway (Ensign Charles Parker), Carl Ballantine (Lester Gruber), Billy Sands (Harrison Bell), John Wright (Willy Moss), Edson Stroll (Virgil Edwards), Gary Vinson (George Christopher), Yoshio Yoda (Fuji Kobiaji), Bob Hastings (Lt. Elroy Carpenter), and Gavin MacLeod (Joseph Haines).  Borgnine would play the role for four years until the show ended in 1966.  As a matter of interest, Borgnine actually served in the Navy during World War II as well as a previous tour of duty prior to the war.  He re-enlisted when World War II broke out to serve his country.

Ernest Borgnine and the cast of McHale's Navy

Joe Flynn (Captain Wallace Binghamton) and Ernest Borgnine (Lt. Cmd. Quinton McHale) in McHale's Navy


McHale's Navy TV show co-starring Joe Flynn, Tim Conway, Carl Ballantine, Billy Sands, John Wright, Edson Stroll, Gary Vinson, Yoshio Yoda, Bob Hastings, and Gavin MacLeod.


In addition to the TV show in 1964, Borgnine would extend the role of Lt. Commander Quinton McHale in the movie version of McHale's Navy which would star the same cast of the TV series,
Joe Flynn, Tim Conway, Carl Ballantine, Billy Sands, John Wright, Edson Stroll, Gary Vinson, Yoshio Yoda, Bob Hastings, and Gavin MacLeod, plus George Kennedy, Jean Willes, Claudine Longet, Marcel Hillaire, and Dale Ishimoto.

Ernest Borgnine and the cast of McHale's Navy


Ernest starred in the McHale's Navy TV show co-starring Joe Flynn, Tim Conway, Carl Ballantine, Billy Sands, John Wright, Edson Stroll, Gary Vinson, Yoshio Yoda, Bob Hastings, and Gavin MacLeod; Wagon Train starring Ward Bond, Robert Horton; The Flight of the Phoenix co-starring James Stewart, Richard Attenborough, Ian Bannen, Hardy Krüger, Peter Finch, George Kennedy, Ronald Fraser, Alex Montoya, and William Aldrich.


Borgnine starred in the McHale's Navy TV show co-starring Joe Flynn, Tim Conway, Carl Ballantine, Billy Sands, John Wright, Edson Stroll, Gary Vinson, Yoshio Yoda, Bob Hastings, and Gavin MacLeod; The Oscar co-starring Stephen Boyd, Elke Sommer, Joseph Cotten, Milton Berle, Tony Bennett, Eleanor Parker, Jill St. John, Edie Adams, Ed Begley, and Walter Brennan; Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre: The Blue-Eyed Horse co-starring Joan Blondell, Barbara Heller, Ann Jillian, Joyce Jameson, and Paul Lynde; and Run for Your Life starring Ben Gazzara, Nicholas Colasanto and Jack Krupnick.

Ernest Borgnine then


Ernest would star in Chuka with Rod Taylor, John Mills, James Whitmore, Louis Hayward, Michael Cole, and Luciana Paluzzi; and The Dirty Dozen co-starring Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, George Kennedy, John Cassavetes, Jim Brown, Ralph Meeker, Richard Jaeckel, Donald Sutherland, Clint Walker, Trini López, and Telly Savalas.

Borgnine also starred on stage in "The Odd Couple" with Don Rickles and Loretta Swit.


Borgnine appeared in Get Smart starring Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Edward Platt, and Robert Karvelas; The Legend of Lylah Clare co-starring Kim Novak, Peter Finch, Valentina Cortese, Michael Murphy, Jean Carroll, and Lee Meriwether; Ice Station Zebra co-starring Rock Hudson, Lloyd Nolan, Patrick McGoohan, Jim Brown, and Gerald S. O'Loughlin; and The Split co-starring Jim Brown, Diahann Carroll, Gene Hackman, Warren Oates, Julie Harris, Jack Klugman, James Whitmore, and Donald Sutherland.

Ernest Borgnine in The Split 1968


Borgnine starred in classic western, The Wild Bunch co-starring William Holden, Edmond O'Brien, Robert Ryan, Jaime Sánchez, Warren Oates, Emilio Fernández, Ben Johnson, Bo Hopkins, Dub Taylor, L.Q. Jones, Albert Dekker, and Strother Martin; The Adventurers co-starring Charles Aznavour, Alan Badel, Delia Boccardo, Candice Bergen, Olivia de Havilland, Jaclyn Smith, Thommy Berggren, Leigh Taylor-Young, and John Ireland; and A Bullet for Sandoval aka Los desperados co-starring George Hilton and Annabella Incontrera.

Ernest Borgnine and the some of the cast of The Wild Bunch 1969


Ernest starred in one film which was Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came? co-starring Brian Keith, Tony Curtis, Suzanne Pleshette, Ivan Dixon, and Don Ameche.


Borgnine made up for the one film the previous year by starring in six including Rain for a Dusty Summer co-starring Humberto Almazán and Sancho Gracia; Sam Hill: Who Killed Mr. Foster? co-starring Stephen R. Hudis, Will Geer, Judy Geeson, Bruce Dern, Carmen Mathews, Sam Jaffe, J.D. Cannon, and Slim Pickens; Willard co-starring Bruce Davison, Elsa Lanchester, Sondra Locke, Michael Dante, and Joan Shawlee; Bunny O'Hare co-starring Bette Davis, Jack Cassidy, Joan Delaney, Jay Robinson, Larry Linville, and John Astin; Hannie Caulder co-starring Raquel Welch, Robert Culp, Christopher Lee, Jack Elam, Strother Martin, and Diana Dors; and The Trackers co-starring Sammy Davis Jr., Julie Adams, Connie Kreski, Jim Davis, William Katt, and Ross Elliott.


Ernest starred in Un uomo dalla pelle dura with Robert Blake, Catherine Spaak, Gabriele Ferzetti, and Phil Mead; The Revengers co-starring William Holden, Woody Strode, and Roger Hanin; and The Poseidon Adventure co-starring Gene Hackman, Red Buttons, Carol Lynley, Roddy McDowall, Stella Stevens, Shelley Winters, Jack Albertson, and Pamela Sue Martin.

Pamela Sue Martin, Ernest Borgnine, Stella Stevens in The Posiedon Adventure 1972


Borgnine starred in Emperor of the North with Lee Marvin, Keith Carradine, Charles Tyner, Simon Oakland, Malcolm Atterbury, and Elisha Cook Jr.; The Neptune Factor co-starring Ben Gazzara, Walter Pidgeon, Yvette Mimieux, Chris Wiggins, Michael J. Reynolds, and Donnelly Rhodes; and Legend in Granite co-starring Colleen Dewhurst, John McLiam, James Olson, John Calvin, and Alex Rocco.


Borgnine starred in Twice in a Lifetime with Della Reese, Eric Laneuville, Slim Pickens, Warren Vanders, Vito Scotti, Arte Johnson, Herb Jeffries, Sheilah Wells, and Allison McKay; Law and Disorder co-starring Carroll O'Connor, Ann Wedgeworth, Karen Black, Anita Dangler, Leslie Ackerman, Jack Kehoe, and David Spielberg; Sunday in the Country co-starring Michael J. Pollard, Hollis McLaren, Louis Zorich, and Vladimír Valenta; and Little House on the Prairie starring Melissa Gilbert, Michael Landon, Melissa Sue Anderson, Lindsay Greenbush/Sidney Greenbush, Karen Grassle, and Alison Arngrim.


Ernest starred in The Devil's Rain with Eddie Albert, William Shatner, Keenan Wynn, Ida Lupino, Tom Skerritt, John Travolta, and Lisa Todd; and Hustle co-starring Burt Reynolds, Catherine Deneuve, Ben Johnson, Eileen Brennan, Jack Carter, Paul Winfield, Eddie Albert, David Spielberg, and Catherine Bach.

Borgnine in The Devil's Rain

Ernest Borgnine in The Devil's Rain 1975


Borgnine starred in Holiday Hookers aka Natale in casa d'appuntamento co-starring Françoise Fabian, Corinne Clery, and Robert Alda; Shoot co-starring Cliff Robertson, Henry Silva, Kate Reid, Helen Shaver, and Leslie Carlson.  This year Ernest would land the role of Joe Cleaver in Future Cop co-starring Michael Shannon, Herbert Nelson, John Amos, and Irene Tsu. The series would be short lived and last only six episodes.


Borgnine would star in the TV mini-series Jesus of Nazareth co-starring Robert Powell, Olivia Hussey, Claudia Cardinale, James Farentino, Anne Bancroft, Christopher Plummer, Olivia Hussey, Ian McShane, and Michael York; Fire! with Vera Miles, Donna Mills, Patty Duke, Alex Cord, Lloyd Nolan, Neville Brand, and Erik Estrada; The Greatest co-starring Muhammad Ali and Sally Bondi; and Crossed Swords aka The Sword and the Pauper co-starring Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Mark Lester, David Hemmings, Rex Harrison, Harry Andrews, Sybil Danning, and George C. Scott.

Ernest Borgnine in Jesus of Nazareth


Ernest starred in The Ghost of Flight 401 with Gary Lockwood, Kim Basinger, Tom Clancy, Tina Chen, Robert F. Lyons, and Howard Hesseman; Cops and Robin co-starring Michael Shannon, John Amos, Carol Lynley, and Natasha Ryan; and Convoy co-starring Kris Kristofferson, Ali MacGraw, Burt Young, and Madge Sinclair.


Borgnine starred in Ravagers with Richard Harris, Art Carney, Ann Turkel, Anthony James, Woody Strode, Alana Stewart, and Seymour Cassel; The Double McGuffin co-starring George Kennedy, Elke Sommer, Lisa Whelchel, and Vincent Spano; and The Black Hole co-starring Maximilian Schell, Anthony Perkins, Yvette Mimieux, Joseph Bottoms, Tom McLoughlin, and Robert Forster.


Borgnine starred in When Time Ran Out... co-starring Paul Newman, Jacqueline Bisset, Red Buttons, William Holden, Edward Albert, Barbara Carrera, Veronica Hamel, Valentina Cortese, Pat Morita, and Burgess Meredith; and Super Fuzz aka Poliziotto superpiù co-starring Terence Hill, Joanne Dru, Marc Lawrence, and Julie Gordon.


Ernest starred in Escape from New York with Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Donald Pleasence, Isaac Hayes, Harry Dean Stanton, and Adrienne Barbeau; High Risk co-starring James Brolin, Bruce Davison, Anthony Quinn, James Coburn, Lindsay Wagner, Chick Vennera, and Cleavon Little; and Deadly Blessing co-starring Maren Jensen, Sharon Stone, Susan Buckner, Colleen Riley, Lisa Hartman, and Kevin Cooney.


Borgnine appeared in The Love Boat starring
Gavin MacLeod , Fred Grandy, Ted Lange, Bernie Kopell, Lauren Tewes,  and Jill Whelan; and Magnum, P.I. starring Tom Selleck, John Hillerman, Larry Manetti, and Roger E. Mosley.


Borgnine appeared in the show Matt Houston starring Lee Horsley, Pamela Hensley and Lincoln Kilpatrick; Blood Feud co-starring Robert Blake, Cotter Smith, Brian Dennehy, Danny Aiello, Lance Henriksen, Edward Albert, Douglas Dirkson, Sam Groom, Michael Lerner, Forrest Tucker, and José Ferrer; Young Warriors co-starring Richard Roundtree, Anne Lockhart, Lynda Day George, James Van Patten, and Linnea Quigley; Carpool co-starring Harvey Korman, Peter Scolari, Stephanie Faracy, T.K. Carter, Chuck McCann, and Maxine Stuart; and Masquerade starring Rod Taylor, Kirstie Alley and Greg Evigan.


In this year, Borgnine would star in the movie Airwolf co-starring Jan-Michael Vincent, Alex Cord, and Belinda Bauer.  The success of this movie would spawn a TV series of the same title beginning the same year where Ernest would play the same role of Dominic.  His co-stars on the series were Jan-Michael Vincent, Alex Cord, Jean Bruce Scott, and Deborah Pratt.  The show would last for three seasons and end in 1987.

Jan-Michael Vincent, Deborah Pratt, and Ernest Borgnine of the TV show Airwolf

In '84 Ernest would also star in the TV mini-series The Last Days of Pompeii co-starring Tony Anholt, Joyce Blair and Peter Cellier; Code Name: Wild Geese co-starring Lewis Collins, Lee Van Cleef, and Klaus Kinski; Love Leads the Way: A True Story co-starring Timothy Bottoms, Susan Dey, Patricia Neal, Glynnis O'Connor, Eva Marie Saint, and Arthur Hill; and The Manhunt co-starring Ethan Wayne, Henry Silva and Bo Svenson.


Ernest starred in Airwolf with Jan-Michael Vincent, Alex Cord, Jean Bruce Scott, and Deborah Pratt; The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission with Lee Marvin, Ken Wahl, Larry Wilcox, Gavan O'Herlihy, Richard Jaeckel, Sonny Landham, Wolf Kahler, Rolf Saxon, and Ricco Ross; and Alice in Wonderland co-starring Natalie Gregory, Sheila Allen, Red Buttons, Sharee Gregory, Donald O'Connor, Scott Baio, Sherman Hemsley, Shelley Winters, Ernie F. Orsatti, Sammy Davis Jr., Charles Dougherty, Donald O'Connor, Robert Axelrod, Martha Raye, Telly Savalas, Roddy McDowall, Arte Johnson, Jayne Meadows, Sid Caesar, Ringo Starr, Steve Allen, Beau Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Patrick Duffy, Ann Jillian, Harvey Korman, Steve Lawrence, Karl Malden, Donna Mills, John Stamos, Sally Struthers, Jack Warden, and Jonathan Winters.


Ernest starred in Airwolf with Jan-Michael Vincent, Alex Cord, Jean Bruce Scott, and Deborah Pratt; and Highway to Heaven starring Michael Landon, Victor French and James Troesh.


Borgnine starred in the film Qualcuno pagherà? co-starring Daniel Greene, Giuliano Gemma and Keely Shaye Smith; Skeleton Coast co-starring Robert Vaughn, Herbert Lom, and Oliver Reed; Murder, She Wrote starring Angela Lansbury, William Windom and Ron Masak; Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission co-starring Telly Savalas, Vince Edwards, Vincent Van Patten, James Van Patten, Bo Svenson, Randall 'Tex' Cobb, Gary Graham, Wolf Kahler, Thom Mathews, Paul Picerni, and Emmanuelle Meyssignac; and the TV mini-series L'isola del tesoro co-starring Anthony Quinn, David Warbeck, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, and Itaco Nardulli.


Borgnine starred in The Big Turnaround with Luis Latino, Rick Le Fever, Michael J. Reynolds, Ty Randolph, and Robert Axelrod; Any Man's Death co-starring Sam Barnard, Charles Comyn, William Hickey, and Michael Lerner; Bersaglio sull'autostrada co-starring Linda Blair, Charles Pitt, Gabriella Giorgelli, and Stuart Whitman; The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission co-starring Telly Savalas, Jeff Conaway, Hunt Block, Alex Cord, Matthew Burton, Erik Estrada, Ernie Hudson, James Carroll Jordan, Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini, Natalia Nogulich, Heather Thomas, and John Matuszak; and Spike of Bensonhurst co-starring Sasha Mitchell, Anne De Salvo, Sylvia Miles, Geraldine Smith, Maria Pitillo, and Talisa Soto.


Ernest starred in the TV mini-series Ocean co-starring Irene Papas, Mario Adorf, Thomas Patti, Gregg Thomsen, David Hess, Martin Balsam, Marisa Berenson, and Adam Arkin; Real Men Don't Eat Gummi Bears co-starring Christopher Mitchum, Angela Alvarado, Robby Rosa, Julia Kent, and John Hillerman; Jake Spanner, Private Eye co-starring Robert Mitchum, Laurie Latham, Stella Stevens, John Mitchum, James Mitchum, Dick Van Patten, Sheree North, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; Jake and the Fatman starring William Conrad, Joe Penny and Alan Campbell; and Laser Mission co-starring Brandon Lee, Debi A. Monahan, and Graham Clarke.

Early 1990s

Borgnine starred in Tides of War with David Soul, Yvette Heyden, and Bo Svenson (1990); L'ultima partita co-starring Oliver Tobias,  Charles Napier, Henry Silva, and Martin Balsam; and Appearances co-starring Scott Paulin, Wendy Phillips, James Handy, Matt McGrath, Heather Hopper, Robert Hooks, and Katie Barberi (1990); Ernest starred in Mountain of Diamonds co-starring Isabelle Gélinas, Derek de Lint, John Savage, Jason Connery, Jean-Pierre Cassel, and Marina Vlady (1991); Home Improvement starring Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Taran Noah Smith, Zachery Ty Bryan, Earl Hindman, Richard Karn, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Debbe Dunning (1992); Der blaue Diamant co-starring Pierre Brice, Julia Kent, Sonja Kirchberger, Barry Newman, and Laura Johnson (1993); Tierärztin Christine co-starring Uschi Glas, Horst Janson, and Sybille Widauer (1993); Outlaws: The Legend of O.B. Taggart co-starring Ned Beatty, Larry Gatlin, Ben Johnson, Mickey Rooney, and Randy Travis (1994); Spirit of the Season Jim Birdsall and T. Max Graham (1994); and The Commish starring Michael Chiklis, Theresa Saldana, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Melinda McGraw, and Geoffrey Nauffts (1994).

Late 1990s

Borgnine landed his first regular role in a series in a while as doorman Manny Cordoba in The Single Guy in 1995.  He co-starred with Jonathan Silverman (Jonathan Eliot), Joey Slotnick (Sam Sloan), Ming-Na (Trudy), and Shawn Michael Howard (Russell).  Ernest played the role for two seasons until the show ended in 1997.

Ernest Borgnine as doorman Manny Cordoba in The Single Guy

During his run on The Single Guy, Ernest also starred in Captiva Island co-starring Jesse Zeigler, Amy Bush, George Blair, Arte Johnson, and Bill Cobbs (1995); Tierärztin Christine II: Die Versuchung co-starring Uschi Glas and Horst Janson (1995);  Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders co-starring George Milan, John Terrence, Patricia Sansone, and Bunny Summers (1996); All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 co-starring Charlie Sheen, Bebe Neuwirth, Sheena Easton, and Dom DeLuise (voice 1996); and Pinky and the Brain  co-starring Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulsen and Tress MacNeille (voice, 1996).

The cast of The Single Guy

Ernest voice acted in the TV show All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series as Carface Caruthers (6 episodes, 1996 to 1998); During this time he also starred in a remake of the movie McHale's Navy only this time as the character Cobra.  He co-starred with Tom Arnold, Dean Stockwell, Debra Messing, David Alan Grier, Tim Curry, Bruce Campbell, and French Stewart (1997); Gattaca co-starring Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law, Jayne Brook, Maya Rudolph, Xander Berkeley, and Elizabeth Dennehy (1997); JAG starring David James Elliott, Catherine Bell and Patrick Labyorteaux (1998); Small Soldiers with Kirsten Dunst, Gregory Smith and David Cross (voice, 1998); BASEketball co-starring Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Yasmine Bleeth, Jenny McCarthy, Dian Bachar, and Robert Vaughn (1998); 12 Bucks co-starring Matthew Fishman, Nick Bentley and Alexandra Paul (1998); and Mel co-starring Julie Hagerty and Greg Evigan (1998).

Borgnine would finish out the 1990s with more voice acting in An All Dogs Christmas Carol with Dom DeLuise and Sheena Easton (1998); The Last Great Ride co-starring Eileen Brennan, Stephanie Sawyer, Jason Hervey, and Bonnie Cahoon (1999); Abilene co-starring Kim Hunter, Park Overall, Rance Howard, Wendell Pierce, and James Morrison (1999); and Borgnine would become the voice of Mermaid Man on the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants through 2010.

Early 2000s

Ernest Borgnine continued to act his way into the new millennium starring in The Kiss of Debt with Lorraine Ansell, Norman Mikeal Berketa, and Peter Michael Dillon (2000); The Lost Treasure of Sawtooth Island co-starring Seth Bernard and Brennan Hesser (2000); Castle Rock co-starring Alana Austin, Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff, and Frank Gorshin (2000); Chicken Soup for the Soul (2000); Walker, Texas Ranger starring Chuck Norris, Clarence Gilyard Jr. and Sheree J. Wilson (2000); and Hoover (2000).

Borgnine would continue on starring in Whiplash co-starring Susan K. Brigham and Kara Connolly (2002); Touched by an Angel starring Roma Downey, Della Reese and John Dye (2002); 7th Heaven starring Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks, Beverley Mitchell, Jessica Biel, Mackenzie Rosman, David Gallagher, and Barry Watson (2002); Family Law co-starring Kathleen Quinlan, Dixie Carter, Christopher McDonald, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, and Julie Warner (2002); and September 11 co-starring Maryam Karimi, Emmanuelle Laborit and Jérôme Horry (2002).

Moving on into 2003, Borgnine appeared in The District starring Craig T. Nelson, Roger Aaron Brown and Sean Patrick Thomas (2003); The Long Ride Home co-starring Randy Travis, Eric Roberts, Stella Stevens, Michele Dalcin, Garry Marshall, Rance Howard, (2003); The Blue Light co-starring Noah Poletiek, Eva Barda, Ogy Durham, and Gary Kesper (2004); Barn Red co-starring Kimberly Guerrero and Kate Peckham (2004); Renegade co-starring Vincent Cassel, Michael Madsen, Temuera Morrison, Juliette Lewis, Nichole Hiltz, and Kateri Walker (2004); and The Trail to Hope Rose co-starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Lee Majors, Marina Black, and Richard Tyson (2004).

Ernest Borgnine was honored by the Navy in 2004

Late 2000s

Ernest would finish out the 2000s starring in That One Summer co-starring Mike Sullivan, Kristine Logan, and Debra Rich (2005); 3 Below co-starring Chip Breault and W.M. Comartin (2005); Rail Kings co-starring W.M. Comartin, Kate Orsini, and Bobb Hopkins (2005); La cura del gorilla co-starring Stefania Rocca, Kledi Kadiu and Bebo Storti (2006); Oliviero Rising co-starring Vincent Gallo, Burt Young, Greta Cavazzoni, Vincent Schiavelli, Sage Stallone, and Caroline Kessler (2007); and A Grandpa for Christmas co-starring Katherine Helmond, Richard Libertini, Juliette Goglia, Tracy Nelson, Jamie Farr, Timilee Romolini, and Justine Dorsey (2007).

Ernest Borgnine in 2006

Juliette Goglia and Ernest Borgnine in A Grandpa for Christmas 2007

Borgnine's popularity seemed to hold strong as he continued on with Strange Wilderness co-starring Steve Zahn, Allen Covert, Justin Long, Ashley Scott, Harry Hamlin, Joe Don Baker, and Kevin Heffernan (2008); Aces 'N' Eights co-starring Casper Van Dien, Bruce Boxleitner, Jeff Kober, Jack Noseworthy, Deirdre Quinn, and Victoria Chalaya (2008); I Am Somebody: No Chance in Hell co-starring Reggie Lee, Timothy Bottoms, Coolio, Jason Connery, Danny Trejo, Olivia Hussey, Lorenzo Lamas, Mariam Vardanyan, and Edward Albert (2008); and Frozen Stupid co-starring Joey Albright and Kimberly Guerrero (2008).

Tova and Ernest Borgnine in 2008
Ernest Borgnine in 2008

Borgnine earned an Emmy nomination at age 92 for his work on the series ER co-starring Anthony Edwards, George Clooney, Noah Wyle, Julianna Margulies, Laura Innes, Laura Cerón, and Maura Tierney (2009); Another Harvest Moon co-starring Piper Laurie, Doris Roberts, Anne Meara, Richard Schiff, Cybill Shepherd, Amber Benson, and Dale Waddington (2009); and Wishing Well co-starring Jason London, Jordan Ladd, Charles Shaughnessy, Yeardley Smith, Tempestt Bledsoe, Sally Kellerman, Jadin Gould, and Tessie Santiago (2009).

Ernest Borgnine in Another Harvest Moon 2009
Anne Meara and Ernest Borgnine in Another Harvest Moon 2009


In 2010 Borgnine starred in Enemy Mind with Charissa Farley, Ryken Zane, and Xu Razer; The Genesis Code  co-starring Logan Bartholomew, Kelsey Sanders, C.R. Lewis, Lance Henriksen, Rance Howard, Catherine Hicks, Susan Blakely, and Lauren Mae Shafer; and Red co-starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich, Karl Urban, and Morgan Freeman.

Ernest Borgnine and Bruce Willis in Red 2010


Borgnine voice acted in The Lion of Judah with Leon Clingman, Samantha Gray, Michael Madsen, and Georgina Cordova. He will also appear in the soon to be released Snatched co-starring Andrew McCarthy, Kate Vernon, Jonathan Silverman, Marcelle Baer,  Carol Schneider, and Lacey Minchew.

Ernest Borgnine and Stephanie Powers in 2010

Ernest Borgnine in 2010

Ernest Borgnine earned the SAG award for life time achievement in January 2011, still a working actor at age 94!

Sadly, Ernest passed away on July 8, 2012 at the age of 95 of renal failure.  May McHale's Navy sail on forever!


  1. WOWWW!!!
    I wasn't even sure he was still alive at this point! He looks terrific! He must be in great shape for a 94-year-old! I sometimes feel tired out at 50. Unbelievable! I am so, so happy to find out he is still with us. I have loved him since my childhood. There is no one else like him in all of stardom. He is wonderful.I hope I am in that good of shape if I ever reach that age. God bless him!

  2. Amazing person and accomplishments.

  3. He has always been one of my favorite actors . I am glad to see he is still acting at age 94, and he looks great. I only hope I look that good when I turn his age. God blees you Mr. Borgnine, and keep up the great job of acting along withlooking as good as you do !!!!

  4. Since I was a kid. I have seen the best, Original, wild wild west, rifleman, bonanza, Big Valley, The Saint, Wanted dead or Alive, Branded, Gunsmoke, and many many more. Your amoung the "Greatest" because you are great. There will never be actors again as they were when I was a kid. No one now can reach your calaber. God bless you for being you. For giving me the opportunity to have been born at the right time to see the greatest actors there will ever be. Thank you for the memories.

  5. Great actor and I'm glad he's still with us- Is it my imagination or does he look the same now that he did 20 years ago?

  6. A great American. RIP.

  7. There is something special about the generation of actors which Ernest Borgnine was probably one of the last to represent. These were men from simple beginnings,hard workers, happy to be in any role, no offscreen bs.. Borgnine was the kind of guy who would've pulled over on his way to the Oscars and helped you change a flat tire. Eli Wallach is the only other one of these men left alive that I can think of. Watch "Flight of the Pheonix" and see what I mean.

  8. They did not mention one of his very last movie where I was lucky to have a part and work with legends. The movie is "Night Club" with Mickey Rooney, Sally Kellerman, Paul Sorvino, Rance Howard, and Mara New with an all star cast.