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Cast of Charlie's Angels

The "Charlie's Angels" Logo

Charlie's Angels was a 1970's TV show were three very beautiful, sexy women, Kelly Garrett, Kris Munroe, and Sabrina Duncan who were private investigators working for the Charles Townsend Agency.  The catch being, we never saw "Charlie" in person we only heard his voice on the phone.  His liaison detective John Bosley, who wasn't really a detective, would interact with the angels. Usually, one of the angels would get themselves into trouble and the others would have to rescue them.

The original "Charlie's Angels": Kate Jackson (Sabrina Duncan),  Farrah Fawcett-Majors (Jill Munroe), and Jaclyn Smith (Kelly Garrett)

"Charlie's Angels" round 2.  Jaclyn Smith (Kelly Garrett), Cheryl Ladd (Kris Munroe), and Kate Jackson (Sabrina Duncan)

The show was created specifically for Kate Jackson based on her success on her previous show "The Rookie".  She was originally intended to play the role of Kelly, however Jackson preferred the role of Sabrina. Jackson would stick with the role until 1979 when she left the show.  She would be replaced by Shelly Hack who played the role of Tiffany Welles.  a year later, Hack would be replaced by Tanya Roberts who played Julie rogers.   Farah Fawcett would leave the show after just one season to be replaced by Charyl Ladd who played Jill's sister, Kris. However, due to contract issues, Farrah agreed to come back and do appearances on shows over the years.  Farrah would later in 1980 leave the show permanently as well. Jaclyn Smith was the only angel to remain for the entire run of the show.

"Charlie's Angels" circa 1979-80. Shelly Hack (Tiffany Welles), Cheryl Ladd (Kris Munroe), Jaclyn Smith (Kelly Garrett)

The cast of "Charlie's Angels" circa 1979-80.  Left: Shelly Hack (Tiffany Welles), Jaclyn Smith (Kelly Garrett), Farrah Fawcett (Jill Munroe), David Doyle (Tom Bosley), and Chery Ladd (Kris Munroe)
"Charlie's Angels" the last season 1980-81.  Tanya Roberts (Julie Rogers), Jaclyn Smith (Kelly Garrett), and Cheryl Ladd (Kris Munroe)

To find out what the cast of Charlie's Angels is doing now, click on the their respective link below.  Whatever happened to...

Jaclyn Smith     Kelly Garrett
Kate Jackson     Sabrina Duncan
Farrah Fawcett-Majors     Jill Munroe
Cheryl Ladd     Kris Munroe
Shelley Hack     Tiffany Welles
Tanya Roberts     Julie Rogers
David Doyle     John Bosley (fictional detective)
John Forsythe (voice)     Charles "Charlie Townsend

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Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, and Jaclyn Smith in 2006
Cheryl Ladd and Jaclyn Smith accept TV Land Awards in 2010 and the "Angels" style pose

Notable guests on the show:

Gavin McLeod of "The Love Boat"
Steve Kanaly of "Dallas"
David Ogden Stiers of "M*A*S*H"
Dan Haggerty of "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams"
Peggy Rea of "The Dukes of Hazzard"
Patrick Duffy of "Dallas"

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