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Joan Van Ark who played Valene Ewing on the show Knots Landing and Dallas

Joan Van Ark was born in New York city in 1943 and was raised in Colorado.  She is most remembered for her role as "Valene Ewing" on "Knots Landing" and "Dallas".  She stumbled into acting after interviewing Julie Harris as a student reporter.  Harris recommended she pursue acting, which she did and has now become very successful.  Later in the "Knots Landing" series, Julie Harris would play Valene's mother, Lilimae Clements.

Joan Van Ark as "Valene Ewing" on the TV show "Knots Landing" and "Dallas"
Joan Van Ark then
Joan began her TV career in an episode of "Run for Your Life" in 1967.  Things then took off for her and in 1968 she appeared in "Felony Squad", "Peyton Place", and the "The Mod Squad".  Three more credits in 1969 included "Bonanza"
starring Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Pernell Roberts, and Dan Blocker; "The Guns of Will Sonnett", and "Gunsmoke".  Things really took off in 1970 when she starred in "The Silent Force", "Matt Lincoln", "Dan August", "Hawaii Five-O", and "Days of Our Lives".  She starred in three episodes of "The F.B.I." through 1971.

Joan Van Ark then

Through the 70s Van Ark appeared in such shows as "The Odd Couple" (1972), "Love, American Style" (2 episodes, 1970-1972).  In 1972 through 1973 she starred as "Annie Carlise" in "The New Temperatures Rising Show" for 26 episodes.  Continuing into the mid-70s, she appeared in shows such as "Mannix" (1973), "Barnaby Jones" (1974), "Ironside" (1974), "The Manhunter" (1974), "Cannon" (3 episodes 1971-1974), "Rhoda"
with Valerie Harper (1975) , "Medical Center" (3 episodes, 1971-75), "The Last of the Mohicans" (voice, 1975), "The Six Million Dollar Man" with Lee Majors (1976), "The Rockford Files" (3 episodes, 1974-77), "Kojak" (1977), and "McMillan & Wife" (1977). 

In 1977, Joan starred as Dee Dee Baldwin in "We've Got Each Other" for eleven episodes along with Tom Poston. Then it was on with appearances in "Quincy M.E." (1978), and "M*A*S*H" starring Alan Alda (1973 and 1978).

Joan Van Ark and Ted Shackleford as Valene and Gary Ewing from the TV show "Knots Landing" and "Dallas"

In 1978 Joan Van Ark began her signature role as Valene Ewing in "Dallas" along with Ted Shackleford, Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, and Victoria Principal.  Although she only appeared in eight episodes as she and her character husband Gary Ewing did not live on the Southfork Ranch along with the others.  A year after "Dallas" began, a new spin-off show based on Gary and Valene Ewing was formed and she continued to play the role in "Knots Landing" for 320 episodes.  She co-starred with Ted Shackleford, Michele Lee, Kevin Dobson, William Devane, Donna Mills, Julie Harris, Nicollette Sheridan, and many others.

During her taping of "Dallas" and "Knots Landing", Joan also did other work including "Thundarr the Barbarian" (voice, 1980-81), "Glitter" (1984), "The Love Boat"
starring Gavin MacLeod, Lauren Tewes, Bernie Kopell, Fred Grandy, Jill Whelan, and Ted Lange (1979-1984), "My First Love" (1988), "Menu for Murder" (1990), and "Terror on Track 9" (1992).

Joan Van Ark in the later years

After "Knots Landing", Joan continued on appearing in "Moment of Truth: A Mother's Deception" (1994), "Touched by an Angel" (1996), "The Client" (1996), "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (1996), "Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac" (1997), and "The Nanny" (1998).

In the new millennium Van Ark starred in "Held for Ransom" (2000), "UP, Michigan!" (2001), "Twice in a Lifetime" (2001), "Son of the Beach" (2001), "Tornado Warning" (2002), "Net Games" (2003).  She was back in the soap arena again in 2004 through 2005 appearing in 54 episodes of "The Young and the Restless" as Gloria Fisher.  She just missed co-starring with Ted Shackleford again as he joined the cast in 2006. However, in 2008 she reunited with Donna Mills again in an episode of Nip/Tuck.

Joan Van Ark in 2008
Joan Van Ark now

More recently Joan has starred in "Diamond Zero" (2005), "Channels" (2008), "My Name is Earl" (2009), "Pretty" (2010), and another appearance in "Nip/Tuck" (2010).

Joan Van Ark today

Over the years, Joan also acted in such stage productions as "The Night of the Iguana", "MacBeth", Ring around the Moon","Three Tall Women" (1994), and "Love Letters" in 1989 along with William Hurt, Treat Williams, Christopher Walken, George Segal, Christopher Reeve, and William Hurt and many others.


  1. Botox completely destroyed that face

  2. So maybe plastic surgery went wrong, but her make up artist is sh--!

  3. She looks like a man. An transexual.

  4. Such a shame she could not see her original beauty.

  5. So so sad what Joan did to herself! Aging naturally without any plastic surgery whatsoever would look better than what she looks like now! Why - why do women think they need to look 30 when they're 60! I've never understood it. I am an avid KL fan and I noticed when she returned to do the last season she had already had WAY too much plastic surgery then. It's soooo sad. How can she look in a mirror and think she looks good? Her lips look especially bad!