Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Cast of the TV Show Dallas

Remember that Thursday night evening soap that everyone loved to watch because of the battles within the family that was deep rich in Texas oil, the Ewings?  And the big buzz of 1980's Who Shot J.R.?  I think everyone pretty much wanted to as many people were spotted wearing shirts with "I shot J.R." across the front. The show ran from 1978 to 1991 and a another series "Knots Landing" spun off from that one.  The turmoil within the Ewing family at the Southfork Ranch never ceased to entertain and was carried on in a couple of sequel TV movies "Dallas: J.R. Returns" and "Dallas: War of the Ewings" as well as a prequel "Dallas: The Early Years" narrated by who played J.R. Ewing in the series.

The Southfork Ranch
The Southfork Ranch, the setting for the TV show "Dallas"

Visit the cast members below to see What ever happened to...

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Larry Hagman - J. R. Ewing
Linda Gray - Sue Ellen
Patrick Duffy - Bobby Ewing
Victoria Principal - Pam Barnes Ewing   
Ted Shackelford - Gary Ewing (the estranged brother who did not live on the ranch who only appeared once and a while)

Joan Van Ark - Valene Ewing (Gary's wife)
Ken Kercheval - Cliff Barnes (Pam's brother)
Jim Davis - Jock Ewing
Barbara Bel Geddes - Miss Ellie
Charlene Tilton - Lucy Ewing
Steve Kanaly - Ray Krebbs (the ranch hand)

The cast of the TV show Dallas.  Front: Barbara Bel Geddes (Miss Ellie), Charlene Tilton (Lucy Ewing).  Back: Steve Kanaly (Ray Krebbs), Patrick Duffy(Bobby Ewing), Victoria Principal (Pam Barnes Ewing), Jim Davis (Jock Ewing), Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing), Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing)

There are many rumors flying around that a new "Dallas" show with a younger cast is going to be resurrected.  Some of the stars above may be participating as well including Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, and Patrick Duffy.  Who knows...  maybe we'll find out Who resurrected J.R.?

Update: Resurrection of the show becomes reality and features some of the former original cast members!

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