Sunday, January 17, 2010

Irene Cara - Star of the original movie Fame

Irene Cara played the role of 'Coco' in the original 1980 movie Fame. She also recorded and released the title song for the movie which was a huge hit.  In 1983 she recorded the title song for the movie Flashdance for which she won an Academy Award as well as several other awards.

Irene Cara in the movie Fame

Irene starred in several more movies up to the mid 80's such as D. C. Cab and City Heat.  In the early 90's she did several spots on various TV shows.  She then began doing voice work for movies such as Beauty and the Beast and Happily Ever After.  In the mid 90's she began performing with her all girl group Hot CarmelShe has scored several hits in Europe has not had much success in the US.  She currently lives in Florida and works with her band.

Irene Cara today

Irene Cara and "Hot Carmel"

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  1. Iam a musician and I think that irene cara is a great actress. May God bless you irene.