Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sheena Easton - My Baby Takes The Morning Train

Sheena Easton was a well known pop star in the 1980's.  Probably most well known for her song "Morning Train".  She had a string of other successful hits including the theme song from the James Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only".

Through the 90's and into this decade, Sheena has done various voice acting stints such as"Gargoyles" with Keith David and Ed Asner; and  "All Dogs Go To Heaven 2" with Charlie Sheen, Bebe Neuwirth, Ernest Borgnine, and Dom DeLuise (voice 1996).  She would finish out the 1990s with more voice acting in An All Dogs Christmas Carol with Dom DeLuise and Ernest Borgnine in 1998;

She also performed on Broadway in "Man of La Mancha" and "Grease".  In 2000 she tried to break back into mainstream pop music with the album "Fabulous" which was not very successful.  In 2005 she played a role in the TV show "Young Blades" however she has done mostly voice acting and is primarily focusing on her children.

Sheena Easton in a 2008 Vancouver performance

A 2008 performance where Sheena poses with her first album

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